Human resources

Our employees
Organisations depend on individuals to function. They need a healthy, motivated and skilled workforce.

Intellectual capital and knowledge management is also recognised as a key intangible creator of wealth. Damaging human capital by abuse of human rights or labour rights or compromising health and safety has direct, as well as reputational costs.

We enhance our human capital by:

  • giving employees and community members access to training, development and lifelong learning and capturing and sharing knowledge
  • respecting human rights
  • paying fair remuneration to our employees and our business
  • creating satisfying work opportunities.

    Material issues

    • Industrial action in the mining industry and the Venture
    • Retaining skilled employees and securing the next generation of skilled employees
    • Meeting our employment equity and human resource development targets and exceeding the Mining Charter Scorecard targets
    • Employee satisfaction
    • Maximising local employment in the Venture

  The Venture’s policies and approach to its employees

The Venture complies with the South African Basic Conditions of Employment Act No 75 of 1997 and the Labour Relations Act No 66 of 1995, which govern labour relations and conditions of employment in South Africa. The Venture upholds the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The Venture is committed to providing a workplace based on:

  • mutual respect
  • fairness
  • integrity
  • non-discrimination
  • equal opportunity at all levels
  • open and two-way engagement with our employees and their representatives.

The Glencore Corporate Practice Framework sets out the principles it applies to the management of its people. It describes the venture's aim of attending and retaining the best people at every level of its business and of providing industry-leading career development opportunities and competitive remuneration. Its policies clearly state that the Venture does not tolerate any form of discrimination and that it will treat all its employees with dignity and in a manner that is culturally appropriate, irrespective of gender, background or race.

  Employee relations

The Venture’s workplace agreements specify notice periods and it consults with employees before any significant operational changes. In line with it consults and communicates with its employees and provides them with appropriate support during significant organisational changes. The Venture’s management team always consults with the aim of reaching agreement with trade unions.

  Labour relations

The Venture undertakes to consult with its employees and their recognised representatives in advance of significant operational changes in an effort to reach consensus about any necessary business actions.Responsibilities for union negotiations lies with its Executive Director: Human Resources

Collective bargaining and freedom of association are considered a fundamental right for the Venture’s employees. Collective agreements, particularly around terms and conditions of employment and company benefits, are negotiated between the parties with due regard to the relevant legislation. The Venture seeks to reach agreement with the unions on annual wage increases for implementation in July each year.

Engagement plays a very important role in labour relations and resolving disputes amicably. The Venture uses a number of communication methods to engage with its employees including daily briefings, formal newsletters, electronic messaging, pamphlets and using external mediators to facilitate discussions.

The Venture is committed to treating all its employees with dignity and in a manner that is culturally sensitive. Unfair discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, political or sexual orientation, national extraction or social origin is not tolerated.

  Maximising local employment

Hiring policies

When hiring employees we give preference, where possible, to members of the local community and, in some instances, we offer training opportunities to community members to develop the skills they need to become our employees

  Diversity and equal opportunity

Glencore South Africa’s Transformation Committee (on which Merafe is represented) monitors and helps the Venture to find innovative and effective ways of addressing transformation.

Management and site employment equity committees monitor employment equity in the Venture’s operations every month and report the results to the Venture, Merafe and the Glencore South Africa Transformation Committee, which in turn reports to the Glencore plc board.

The Venture offers an equal rate of pay to male and female employees of equal experience and we base our employment equity policies on providing equal opportunities to all potential and existing employees

  Employee challenges

  • Maximising local employment in the Venture
  • Achieving employment equity that is supported by everyone in the workplace
  • Making careers in mining more accessible to women in the Venture
  • Engaging with the Venture’s employees and the trade union through open communication channels to achieve labour peace
  • Providing a workplace that is free of discriimination
  • Establishing an employee share ownership plan (ESOP) for the Venture’s employees


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