Material issues

    • The safety of our employees and our contractors

  The Venture’s policies and approach to safety management

The Venture’s operations maintain stringent safety and risk management systems, which we align with the international standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 31000.


Safety is always the direct responsibility of Glencore’s senior management, who provide the leadership, systems and processes for the prevention of incidents and the elimination of fatalities in the Venture. The formal management structure documents responsibility for safety from the Glencore plc board down to each individual Venture employee and contractor.

The Venture puts considerable effort into embedding a safety culture in our operations. Its leaders are aware that they are expected to put safety before production or other considerations and to personally endorse safety initiatives and engage with employees at all levels to discuss safety issues and priorities.

It concludes health and safety agreements with the trade unions.

The sustainable development policies in place in the Venture are aligned with the Glencore Corporate Practice. They set out its commitment to zero injuries and fatalities.

  How the Venture measures injuries in its operations

The Venture’s key performance measure for injuries is the total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) which measures injuries per one million hours worked by both its employees and contractors. The injuries included in the TRIFR are lost time injuries, medical treatment injuries and restricted work injuries. Glencore believe the TRIFR is a more complete measure of safety performance than lost time injuries alone.

The Venture’s business processes include analysing the root causes of incidents causing injury and developing appropriate programmes to understand, address and eliminate the underlying causes.

  What the Venture is doing to make its operations safer

The Venture’s management encourages transparent reporting and proactive knowledge sharing across its operations and has made it compulsory for its people to report high potential risk incidents. The Venture assesses accountability, responsibility and consequence in the context of each situation to determine the underlying causes of incidents. The Glencore Executive Committee receives a report on the investigations of all such incidents and discusses them at its monthly meetings.

In addition, the Glencore group shares the lessons learnt in the operations it manages during monthly sustainable development conference calls. This approach has allowed it to develop a global reporting culture which provides its management team with the information they need to assess how effective their controls are and to implement improvements. When they feel they do not fully understand a hazard they enlist external experts to assist them in developing appropriate controls.


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