Tswelopele pelletising and sintering plant

During the 2012 year the Tswelopele pelletising and sintering plant was completed on schedule and within budget with the R900 million plant being hot commissioned on 7 October and reaching its designed production capacity within two months of operation. In addition, we congratulate the project team on its outstanding safety record with over 1.6 million man hours being worked on the project without any lost time injuries.

The project’s approach to safety was to keep it simple. It used a one page document to summarise the high risk activities facing a team on a particular day and to explain to the team how to perform these activities safely. Supervision levels were improved by not allowing more than 15 team members to work without a supervisor. Management practised ongoing visible felt leadership and there was zero tolerance for any deviation from the project’s 20 cardinal rules. Good behaviour was recognised.

Other outstanding performances on the Tswelopele project were the achievement of optimum audit results on both internal and external audits for all aspects of project management.

The capacity of this plant is 600 000 tonnes of pellets per annum. Since it went into production the ore and electricity consumption efficiencies of the Rustenburg plant have improved by more than 21% and 11% respectively. Other advantages are that the plant will produce less slag, emit fewer fugitive emissions and use less water and less diesel by reducing transport requirements. The plant also enables the use of more UG2 ore that cannot be used without being agglomerated.


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