Our operating context


of the ferrochrome produced is used in stainless steel and speciality steels


growth rate forecast
stainless steel
production in 2018

Approximately 29%
of the world’s ferrochrome production was supplied by South Africa in 2017

Over 72%
of the world’s chrome reserves are in South Africa

Provides over 200 000
direct and indirect jobs

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2017 year
in review

Key features

Revenue of
R5.9 billion
(2016: R5.7 billion)

R1.7 billion
(2016: R1.1 billion)

Net profit of
R914 million
(2016: R532 million)

Headline earnings of
36.4c per share
(2016: 21.2c)

Ferrochrome sales volumes
of 375kt
(2016: 437kt)

Ferrochrome production
of 395kt
(2016: 393kt)

Fatalities: 1 (2016: 1 fatality)

TRIFR of 3.74 (2016: 4.15)

9.5% appreciation in the average Rand/US Dollar exchange rate

Total dividend for 2017 of
R301 million
(2016: R120 million)

Average European benchmark ferrochrome price of
142 USc/lb
(2016: 96 USc/lb)

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