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Financial capital

Our financial capital is an indication of how successful we have been at achieving the sustainable development of our natural, human, social and manufactured capital.

We enhance our financial capital by effectively managing our risks, assessing the wider economic impacts of our activities on society and maintaining a balance between good corporate governance and the spirit of entrepreneurship that has built our business.

Because our main source of revenue is our investment in the Glencore-Merafe Chrome Venture the material issues we have identified that can impact on our financial capital include the global economic environment, ferrochrome demand, chrome ore exports to China and energy prices and supply.

The historical review of key indicators featured in our online integrated report will provide you with an overview of the performance of Merafe and that of the Venture. You will find detailed financial information on Merafe in the Financial capital sections of latest our Integrated Report.

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Five-year historical review of key indicators

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