CEO and FD's responsibility statement

Each of the directors, whose names are stated below hereby confirm that:

  • The annual financial statements, fairly present in all material respects the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of Merafe Resources Limited in terms of IFRS;
  • To the best of our knowledge and belief, no facts have been omitted or untrue statements made that would make the annual financial statements false or misleading;
  • Internal financial controls have been put in place to ensure that material information relating to Merafe Resources Limited and its consolidated subsidiaries have been provided to effectively prepare the financial statements of Merafe Resources Limited;
  • The internal financial controls are adequate and effective and can be relied upon in compiling the annual financial statements, having fulfilled our role and function as executive directors with primary responsibility for implementation and execution of controls;
  • Where we are not satisfied, we have disclosed to the Audit and Risk Committee and the auditors any deficiencies in the design and operational effectiveness of the internal financial controls and have taken steps to remedy the deficiencies; and
  • We are not aware of any fraud involving directors.

Zanele Matlala
Chief Executive Officer
15 March 2024

Ditabe Chocho
Financial Director

15 March 2024