Sustainability: Internal and external reviews, audits and processes

Merafe and the Venture

Merafe relies on the Venture and Glencore to obtain quantitative data with regard to sustainability indicators of the Venture as set out in this report.

Merafe's attributable portion of the data of the Venture reported in this report is 20.5%.

The Venture, via the Glencore Sustainability Database, undergoes a process of internal and independent reviews and processes of their key sustainability indicators.

The sustainability data and information falls under the Sustainability and Human Resources Development departments of both the Venture and Glencore. The information set out in this report is signed off by the Venture and Glencore.

The Venture's sustainability data and information was subjected to various internal and external reviews and processes during 2023.

See our schedule detailing the venture's internal and external reviews and audits.

With regard to the above internal and external reviews and processes, the Venture and Glencore have confirmed to the Board of Merafe that there are no material issues arising therefrom which would impact on the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the Venture's information and data set out in this report.

As a result of the internal and external reviews and processes as outlined (together with the signing off of the data by the Venture and Glencore), the Merafe Board is satisfied that the information set out in this report in respect of the Venture's data is reliable, accurate and complete.

The Venture's Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Statement to 31 December 2023 is signed off by a Competent Person as defined by The SAMREC Code, a summary of which is in abridged mineral resources and mineral reserves statement in this report. The full report is on our website and attached as appendix 1 to this report.

The Board follows the materiality determination process as set out in material issues in this report to determine its material matters.

In respect of the Remuneration Policy of the Company and remuneration of the Company's Board and executives, the Remuneration Committee appoints independent advisors to assist the Committee in ensuring that the policy was in line with best practice and that remuneration was properly benchmarked. For more details in this regard see the remuneration report.

Merafe and the Venture